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The vision for FIT Nation as a Strength Training & Injury Rehabilitation organization began with Ben Ghuman and Jas Johal in 2011.

Ben Ghuman grew up using the gym as a positive outlet for expression during his teenage years. This passion for “iron,” quickly became a staple feature in his life and once he hit high school, it was the weight room that would be his favorite after-school activity. To cope with the emotional toll of being raised in a single-parent household without the presence of his father, Ben found solace in the weights.

Jas Johal belonged to a household that prioritized health and fitness. As a result, he spent his teenage years part of a track and field club. After being introduced to barbell training from his track coaches at 13 years old, he fell in love. Eventually, his love of track would morph into an obsession with barbell training. This obsession would lead him into deciding to complete a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UBC. After reflecting on various career paths upon completing his degree, Jas decided that strength training would become his prime focus.

After spending seven years working for the bank, Ben decided to pursue his passion for personal training. While still working at the bank, Ben finished his training certification and began taking on personal training clients through simple word of mouth and online ads. These years marked the early birth of FIT NATION.

As friends throughout high school, Ben introduced the thought of FIT Nation to Jas.

From 2011 until 2014 Ben and Jas worked as mobile personal trainers at FIT Nation, training clients in their homes, schools, or community rec centers. Specializing in functional movement training that involved bodyweight exercises and the use of kettlebells meant that they could travel with their equipment. Slowly, they bought squat racks and built out home gyms with one located in Vancouver and the other in Surrey to cater to the needs of clients across the lower mainland.

By early 2014 Ben and Jas managed to sign a lease on a storefront space located on 64th Ave and 146 Street in Surrey. They designed a space tailored to their training system with empowerment and results as their priority. This time allowed them to grow a dedicated client base.

In 2018, FIT Nation expanded the StrongHouse into a 4,000 sqft space. With a new facility, they had the opportunity to redesign the facility with their new mantra of TRAINING IS REHAB AND REHAB IS TRAINING in place. By 2019 FIT Nation saw the growth of the Kinesiology services at StrongHouse and rehabilitation became a mainstay for FIT Nation.

Being able to impact the mind, body, and spirit of all those that come through the doors of the StrongHouse is the vision that remains intact for FIT Nation moving forward.


the team

Ben ghuman


Simran Dhillion

Head of Business Operations

Simran Sohal

Front desk Administrator

gavin khangura

head of Athlete development

ajay sandhu


Harpreet tatla


BHavun tatla


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